Pre Podcast

I feel pretty comfortable working in a group. I personally never want to feel like I am the “weak link” in the group so I always try to put in a lot of effort or at least do the same amount of work that everyone else in the group is doing. Personally I know sometimes if I feel like others in the group are not doing anything and I feel like the only one doing things I have stopped also doing the work because I never feel like it’s fair for only one person to do everyone’s job and then everyone gets a grade for someone else’s work. And if it’s just one person not participating in the group, I usually talk to my other team members and see how they feel about the situation and if they don’t like it also I prefer to talk all together to that teammate and if that doesn’t work I would talk to the professor. I also am open to being in groups with anyone but I have seen that I tend to work better in groups with people I know because then I feel more comfortable with sharing my ideas and any preferences I have for the project. 

I feel like I am pretty good with using technology to communicate with larger audiences. If I am considering what you asked in the correct way I do think that I am very communicative on social media apps like instagram, snapchat, and twitter. I also am starting a youtube channel so I have been thinking about ways to communicate with larger audiences so they can see and enjoy my platform. I think i’m pretty good at using technology overall also so I think my ability to use it to communicate is good. 

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