Why Wandering Thoughts Make Reaching Utopia Feel Like Forever?

I agree to an extent that “it’s crucial to keep imagining that things could get better, and furthermore to imagine how they might get better,” but I wouldn’t say it’s a reliable thing to depend on. Many times I believe people reminisce and think about the things they wish would happen or wish the way they think the world should be could be the current state. But the actual execution is nearly impossible to make. As easy as it sounds to keep imagining that things could get better and to furthermore imagine how they might get better, can be quite exhausting. Those imaginations can only go for so long until one gets tired or gives up on them. 

When we become stuck in our heads, we find it easy to get lost and create scenarios we desire. Constantly thinking about utopia in a way to overcome dystopia is different from actually overcoming dystopia. To overcome dystopia I strongly believe it requires dedication and action. Seen in most of the main characters in the stories/ novels we’ve read this semester. While they initially thought about it, there was a time where action came about to overcome it. To think about a “good place” where one is currently in a “bad place,” can be quite draining because that desire to get to the “good place” can feel like forever.

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