Podcast Post Production

My own comfort in the group is quite good. I’m confident in the group members that I have and our ability to get our work done and done efficiently. We all understood our roles and responsibilities that we assigned each other and our communication definitely helps us create a good working environment. From the past week or two, where we have been working on the podcast, I could truly see everyone’s work ethics. From that, it has shown what we are all capable of doing and how well we can contribute to our project. 

As far as my use of technology to communicate with larger audiences, I am very familiar with and would say I am really good at that specific use. As a mass communication major, it is very important and vital for me to be able to communicate with others through technology. What I have learned in my major, I actually apply to this class. Especially when it comes to getting my message across that I want to convey with others.

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