Is Higher Education a dystopia?

I do believe that higher education in America is a dystopia simply because there is a narrative that many people need to go to college to fulfill the things they aspire to in life. Even after all of the persuasion and ultimately obtaining a higher education for jobs or other reasons. Many of those students end up feeling lost, sad, depressed, and most likely in a ton of debt. Which creates this cycling system that keeps those under, under. When I look around my setting, I notice that many students, regardless of their university or college, appear to be stuck in their current situation and are not living life to the fullest or enjoying it. To me, that is what a dystopian society is and consistently shows.

With issues such as student debt, students going into jobs after receiving higher education unsatisfied, and essentially having to navigate from high school to early adulthood most of the time by themselves. With the direction higher education is going, it’s no wonder why many people feel they do not need a degree. And with the way higher education is depicted, it makes it feel like many of us will not go far, unless we have one.

I feel that some people like the thought of higher education, but do not necessarily have the same reaction or feelings towards receiving their higher education during the process of it or even after. While it seems like something that is helpful and beneficial, sometimes it is not for the best, or for everyone.
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