Is Edward Snowden Right?

Based on Snowden’s claims about the state of privacy in the United States today, I would have to agree with Snowden and his explanations about the state of privacy. Especially the concept that because of the way of the world, and how the system is set up, people who are asked to sacrifice the most aren’t in the position to do so. Leaving them to be most vulnerable when it comes to abuse of power. I’ve always believed that those with higher power have better chances of invading privacy, which is essentially what Snowden is claiming. Also, the concept of information about me and how it’s controlled. But also the fact that information about me isn’t even controlled by me. That there aren’t any basic privacy laws in the United States and they simply don’t exist, which is a scary thought to process about the United States and the place we’re living. What I found scary was the concept that there are so many inventions and technologies that allow for things like our phones to be tracked for COVID information. Such information such as this can be mind blowing, but surprisingly after watching the video and the information Snowden stated, I was truly not surprised by his claims and beliefs. 

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