Dystopia Defined.

Based on what I learned and experienced this semester, I would say the definition of dystopia is a bad place, state and society, where members of the society are coerced into great suffering and unjust treatment. 

Going based off of Young’s, five faces of oppression, exploitation, marginalization, violence, powerlessness, and cultural imperialism. All five of these relate to the concept of oppression because a person or group of people are left to fend for themselves and therefore become isolated and prone to issues such as the five listed above. Specifically, when stating, “many groups suffer the oppression of systematic violence. Members of some groups live with the knowledge that they must fear random, unprovoked attacks on their persons or property, which have no motive but to damage, humiliate, or destroy the person (Young, 56).” Which is very close to the way dystopias can be viewed. As well as the face: powerlessness. “Powerlessness also designates a position in the division of labor and the concomitant social position that allow persons little opportunity to develop and exercise skills (Young, 52).” With findings such as this to help support the concepts behind dystopian societies, it makes it easier for connections to happen and correlations between the definition of dystopia and the way dystopian societies are depicted in novels, stories, films, shows, etc..

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