Blog Post #8: Movie Review

As an exploration of dystopia, I would say Mad Max: Fury Road was an interesting depiction of what classifies as a dystopia. While it definitely fits the description of one, there were certain aspects that I did not expect to see in the film. I found it to be an interesting approach that the “wives” or women in white were highly educated with, in my opinion, the secrets to what happens within the society. This made me think of how in some dystopian novels and films, there are some provided with intelligence and more information than others, while the rest are only “educated” about what whoever is in power wants them to be educated about. 

Like most dystopian novels and films, it is hinted towards leaving the dystopian society to find the utopia, or “good place.” In this case it was Greenland. Where death, fighting, starvation, torture and fear were implemented in order to reach the Greenland. There was also the aspect of wanting to be seen as the best or wonderful in the eyes of the highest person/ the Redeemer/ Dad. The concept that if they are seen as perfect and do not show their strength, that they are not worthy of his praise, which is the common manipulating factor in dystopian films. Wanted to be perceived as worthy and important from following the rules presented to them.

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