What is a dystopia?

To me, a dystopia can be defined as something that is bad or can be a warning that something bad is going to occur. I’ve always thought that dystopia was a to imagine the futuristic characteristics of what a city or people may actually look or act like once a horrific event has occurred. I’ve also thought of it as some type of advanced technology that will control or have some type of control over civilians.  For me, this could mean that the civilians living in that specific society are strictly under the government’s control once something of apocalyptic nature has occurred. I sometimes believe that we are living in a dystopian society now because of the new advanced technologies that have recently come about. Such as robots in Singapore who are able to patrol and enforce social distancing. It also brings me to the point of the surge of unemployment that is occurring throughout the world. The lack of employment brings me to believe that this is the beginning of a dystopian society. My reasoning for this is that many are not employed and aren’t doing the jobs that require imports of goods from across different countries. This is leaving many grocery stores to be scarce, goods ordered online tend to be taking a lot longer to arrive since there are not many drivers and just the overall pandemic. 

Black Mirror has been a show that characterizes what a dystopian society may look like. I remember there was a particular episode named “Arkangel,” where the mother of the main character has a chip implemented in her daughter’s head at the age of three. The chip was a type of advanced technology that would track and/or control her daughter’s whereabouts, vitals, optic vision, and a lot of other things. This chip was helpful up until she became a teenager. Once her daughter found out that she had a chip implemented things took a turn for the worst. This type of advanced technology makes me think this is another way for individuals to be controlled or have a lack of privacy.

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