What is a dystopia?

A dystopia can be described as a society where injustice and great suffering have occurred, this can be due to war which later leads to total government control over all citizens. To further explain, a dystopian society typically is bad and causes many to be powerless. In the reading Leviathan, the article portrayed what life can be like in a dystopian society such as competition, mistrust, and glory. I see competition and mistrust being a huge factor because in these societies it is normally man vs man. Making many have no trust in anyone and always watching their back. Another reading that can help with this definition would be the Five Faces of Oppression. The reading stated powerlessness, marginalization, exploitation, cultural imperialism, and violence were the five faces. I feel that each of these factors fits into a dystopian society because the citizens of the society are powerless when it comes to the government. Violence is always a factor because everyone is always watching their back and in defense mode. When it comes to exploitation that person is being treated unfairly or taken advantage of. Cultural imperialism also shows the dominance one group has over the other for instance the government would take its power to dominate all citizens and make them think less of themselves.

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