The Purge

The Purge is a dystopian movie that shows what can occur if the government was to allow its citizen 12 hours to partake in all crimes. The film shows the powerlessness and marginalization of individuals. The citizens who had money were able to get the resources needed to protect themselves and their families from being killed or robbed. Whereas if you were considered to be poorer you couldn’t afford those same resources and defend yourself of your family. I thought that this was completely unfair because in any society middle and upper-class individuals always have the upper hand whereas the lower class has a lot had to struggle and have no power.

If the purge was to actually occur for 12 hours in the United States I believe that the same events that occur now will not change. The only difference would be that whatever crime is committed will be legal and no one will be arrested. The crime rate in the United States is already high so the purge probably won’t make a dramatic difference. I noticed that the purpose of the purge was to decrease the crime rates and help the economy. By allowing everyone to commit crimes it might decrease the number of crime rates because there was an opportunity to unleash anger or intrusive thoughts. But at the same time, it might also increase because many might like the way they felt when partaking in those crimes.

Overall, the purge is a good movie that makes individuals wonder what would actually happen if the purge was to actually happen. The purge offers a unique way to look at society differently if this was to occur. It gives people the freedom to do any and everything they always wanted to do without any consequences. But it’s just too much chaos and looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re safe for this one specific day.

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