Higher-level education is a dystopia?

Higher-level education is considered to be anything that advances high school such as undergraduate, medical school, or even graduate school. Many believe that higher-level education is not needed for all professions. This is indeed true, the only time an individual really needs to go to school is if they are trying to pursue careers in the medical field or political field. Many believe that college is a way to create new connections, experience new things, and opportunities, which is true but in other careers, it is just a waste of money. I’ve noticed that a lot of jobs that require a college degree do not pay enough for individuals to make ends meet. It’s like many pay more for college than what they actually get paid annually with a degree.

In simple terms, a dystopia is considered to be something that is portrayed as bad. And certain aspects of higher-level education can fit into that category. For instance, college causes so many individuals to be in debt for decades, and sometimes it is never even paid off. It causes so much stress for many and is hard to afford unless you were born rich. This is why many drop out because it is a lot to maintain.

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