The Answer isn’t Always Religion.

While I think religion can be helpful, I don’t believe it is the answer for everyone. In terms of the oppressed, I think religion is a great way for some people to cope with situations. However, it isn’t the only option. Everyone has a way they navigate certain situations or combat negativity whether that be through religion or not. It can be a beautiful tool to build strength in tough times and some may find other ways to also build that strength. It all depends on the person alone and what they find helpful in times of need.

In terms of the oppressor, I don’t believe religion is what dictates what morals or values you have. If you are a good person you are a good person, that’s it. Religion won’t fix whatever underlying problems the oppressor has. For example, the most devout Christian can still be a racist bigot. It isn’t what religion you follow that will fix the system of oppression rather it is the morals you have inside yourself. Religion can help negate that shadow within but it won’t cure it alone. So, religion can help overcome oppression or deal with your oppressive behaviors but it isn’t the sole factor in eliminating oppression as a whole.

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