Podcast Post-Production: The Directors Cut

Normally I work relatively well with groups. My biggest roadblock when it comes to group projects is setting time away from my own priorities to meet with my group members. I think because my schedule is very unforgiving when it comes to flexibility I struggle with being there when everyone is ready to work in a very short time frame. Because of this, communication is huge on my end because although I may not always be there when everyone is working, I want my group to trust I will get my portion of the project done. This rarely happens if a group has designated time slots of work in advance but on short notice I try to reassure everyone that they can trust me. 

I love using new tools and different elements of technology in order to communicate with larger audiences. I’m always trying to find new ways to implement ideas that haven’t been seen before or something that may captivate the audience. 

I think the biggest lesson I’m going to take away from this is not everything may go as planned. Being a perfectionist, I often have these big elaborate ideas and sometimes Im not able to meet those goals. I often feel inadequate because I didn’t do the most, but I have to remind myself that it’s okay! Sometimes things don’t work out and you still did a great job in the end with what tools or time you had!

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