Education is Essential

“Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”

Kofi Annan

American higher education is incredibly flawed. The biggest issue is that education beyond high school is seen as a privilege in a country that deems it a necessity. This fact alone creates a long list of obstacles for underprivileged Americans. In this way, I believe higher education in America is dystopian. The process before and post-graduation is structured to give some students access to extra education while excluding others.

Before being accepted into an institution, there are a variety of institutional obstacles to wean out the “less fit.” The application process is draining. Depending on your support system, or lack thereof, this could greatly affect the chances of acceptance. In addition, some applications require fees in addition to standardized testing fees like the ACT or SAT. Also, applicants need letters of recommendation and a personal essay, which forces some individuals to pour out any ounce of trauma they have to grant empathy for acceptance.

The journey does not stop there. Finding the funds to support the thousands of dollars in tuition is another story. Student loan assistance is progressively becoming a bigger problem in America. It burdens students and post-graduates regardless of economic status. Even worse, government assistance is often manipulative. Most first-generation college students find these offers enticing without knowing the potential risk post-graduation.

I believe American higher education needs reforming. It ultimately creates a cycle of poverty that no one should withstand for access to education.

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