Was Freud Right?

Any form of government is, ultimately, repressive of human nature.

Government is needed in all civilizations. This leads to the question of if people can be trusted to govern themselves. I do not believe that people can be solely trusted with this task. I believe that people should be allowed to have some say in it and have a role in the decision-making process but people being allowed to solely govern themselves would lead to an extreme amount of chaos. If each person in the United States was their own government, they would be battles and wars going on everywhere just for the simplest of reasons.

I do believe however, that sometimes government can be repressive of human nature. The government must make rules that are best for the majority of the people that it governs. For example, the mask mandate it did take away the power of people to make their own decisions about if they want to wear a mask, but the government started the mandate in hopes of keep most people safe. So sometimes the power of individuals must be limited if it for the greater good of all people.

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