Survival of the Fittest??

The film The Purge takes a new perspective on the display of modern dystopias. If you are not closely watching the film you wouldn’t really notice all of the ways that this movies exerts it dystopian fashion.

This new perspective takes place in the form of propaganda, extreme video surveillance, brainwashing the minds of the citizens, etc.. These are all common examples of methods that used in dystopias seen in books and movies.

The purge was 12 hours were all crime was legal. This was a plot set up by the government to “cleanse” the country of some residents. Getting the citizens to rally behind the idea of only the strong survive. Which really turned out to be residents living in poorer communities. Looking from the outside the citizen should have realized that they were being exploited by the government. Watching the movie I was able to realize this after listening to the rules of the Purge. Specifically the one that says that they are not allowed to kill certain ranks of government officials.

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