Before & After Dystopia Definition

When I first started this class I defined a dystopia as a “society that may seem normal at first glance but when looked at deeper you can see just how bad the conditions the people this society are living in.” As we near the completion of this class I cannot really say that my definition of a dystopia has changed too much. The readings and the podcast project did help me a lot to be able to realize more subtle parts of a dystopia that may not always be obvious. It has also helped me to be able to realize real life examples of dystopias as well. From the reading of Kim Robinson’s Dystopia Now I was able to more clearly visualize the differences between dystopias and utopias. The article also points out many of the issues that I have noticed when reading books that feature Dystopias such as the unhappiness of the citizens or their desire to overthrow the government. Many of these same principles can also be seen from our reading of George Orwells 1984. In this book many of these citizens wanted change in the government but didn’t know how to get change. In the book it often came across that the government intentionally wanted to make the life of its citizens as difficult as possible.

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