Technology as a Resource or a Power Tool?

Though society may enjoy and benefit from the creation of technological innovations, some technology has turned into a tool used to surveil society by both the government and the creator company. Whether that is the company themselves surveilling the people, the government making backdoor deals with the companies to get user data, or the government creating their own resource. While some of these means of surveillance are by law illegal, government and big companies are given grace or find loopholes to disrupt the privacy of the people. A partial solution to the problem seems to be limited to abstaining from the use of mobile devices, computer, security cameras, etc. On the other hand, some things are unavoidable such as street cameras, car GPS, and personal info uploaded for healthcare and more. So, what do we do to protect our privacy?

I am not sure if there is much that can be done to be a fully private person and still survive. You could become a recluse and be rid of all technology, but you still need the means (funds) for food, clothes, and shelter. How easy is it to find a job or have the funds to do this without experiencing a lack of privacy? Most of us willingly sacrifice parts of our privacy to utilize this technology. For me, I know I sacrifice my privacy to have a smart phone and laptop. I use social media to stay updated on what is going on in the world. I also keep my money in the bank, which gives up some of my privacy because my financial information is uploaded into their systems. Though it is normally protected, I still have to accept that it could be hacked. Also, being at Xavier, I’ve had to give up some privacy. Even though we were certain our personal information was safe, the school was hacked, and some students and faculty had their personal information compromised. However, for the benefit of a biology degree, I accept the possibility of this even if unwillingly. As far as my privacy being compromised for the sake of consumerism and capitalism, I do not like. On the other hand, I am okay with street cameras or building cameras because it benefits public safety. I feel like when the technology has more quality benefits than harms, I am okay with it. When my privacy is compromised for people in power to make money or have more control, I have an issue. If it is public safety, I have no problem sacrificing my privacy. As long as I feel safe and like surrendering my privacy does not cause me or anyone else harm, I am a willing to do so. 

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