I think the intention of a dystopian condition could have been positive however the outcome is bad. Having watched multiple movies that display dystopian ideology and watching the class lecture, I believe dystopia represents what happens if a good intention goes wrong.  Often seen in movies the individuals that are in power do what they think is best for the community. However, those inventions lead to the worse outcomes. Often being the downfall of communities. In the movie Divergent the community where divided into certain fractions based on human virtues created by the leader to keep the peace. However, every individual is unique and shouldn’t be placed in categories. Ultimately leading to the downfall of the society in the movie. The purpose of the factions was to eliminate violence. However, the factions did the opposite of that. Another example is In the Maze Runner trilogy, children are placed in mazes by a company run by Ava Paige in order to study their behavior. She wanted to find a cure for all the people by studying brain patterns.  The initial intention was good however putting these children in trauma wasn’t a good outcome. Therefore I think a dystopian society represents the outcomes of a potential good intention. Ideas that could keep the peace or help the well-being of society can also be damaging.  As seen in movies and society dystopian ideology creates the opposite of what was meant to be a perfect idea.

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