To listen to Freud or not too.

I personally don’t believe that everything Freud mention is completely incorrect. His analysis of the world and the ways we are affected by it was not all the way off. We face major limitations from the current society and the past it is built upon. People are unhappy because the pressure of being the perfect human and fitting into the societal standards. A lot of things that we feel we have freedom in choosing are not exactly true, for example, the push toward heterosexual relationships. Everything in our world is constantly manipulated and prohibited from developing its full capabilities including humans. Majority of the human race’s main goal is expansion and for some at any cost but their own. To maintain order and control over the power you have create drives the world today. There is a balance between physical and mental help that is need to achieve happiness. However, Freud’s concept of if we were to return to the primitive world, happiness would be returned I do not agree. Although, the restrictions would not be to the extent of those today, there are still limitations to certain things people can do. There would still be unconscious effects of history still present in the lives of some. Who’s to say in the end humans would not return to different version of same world we live in now. Maybe if the ways we have obtained now were to be deleted or forgotten, then a sense of starting over could be created. A discussion that needs to be discussed is if it’s truly human nature to be the way we are. It is know that in a way history repeats itself, why does this happen? All in all the damage done to the world we live in is tremendous and if accessed would show a deeper side to humanity that most people don’t want to know.

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