The Relationship between Democracy and Dystopia

Unlike many other governments, democracy gives a voice to the people. It allows the to participate in either action taken on behalf of the country or the election of a representative they see fit. Within a democracy there is a spread of power that balances out just one person being in charge. Yes, there is a President who is the face of the country. However, they can be shut down by the legislstive and/or judical system if he is not making decisions for the people. Although, this system is not perfect it is farthest from a dystopian government system in my opinion. According to Wikipedia, “…conflicts in which outcomes depend on what participants do, but no single force controls what occurs…” If we take a look at other examples such as autocracy, which is a form of government where one person controls what happens without any regulations. We can see that the people have no say in what happens within their communities, one person decides for all. How can it be fair for someone else to control you life and there’s nothing you can do about it. When power is not even slightly distributed between the people leaders can take advantage of their control. This can lead to forcing people to do what you want and if they step out of turn punish them for doing do. Versus hosting a trial to allow the person to express their and holding the leader accountable as well. Looking at history and past examples, such as Hitler and how he ran a dictatorship that led to massacre of millions of Jews. This only occured because Hitler did not see them the same as him. Within a democracy there are still slight signs of unfairness but it is the most efficient free willing government system of today.

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