Our Version of Panopticism

In our society, everyone feels like they have to live up to a standard that has been drilled into our lives. We are always told what to do and what not to do. We are told what’s wrong vs right. Day after day we question what others may be thinking of us or if they’re even thinking about us at all. Although, we are not monitored on a daily basis to the extent of what Foucault discusses, we still have on eyes on us. Every knows that we are judged based on our actions, the way we look, and how we speak. This is why in certain situations people adjusted their lingo, tone, poster, etc. We want to fit into the narrative we are surrounded by, in order to not be viewed as an outcast. Of course, you have some people who don’t care and live based on their own standards. However, majority of the people are trying to reach the standard of what the perfect person is. One mistake and now you have people spreading rumors or families shaming you for your actions. None wants to feel like an outcast because it lowers you confidence and comfortability. I believe in the way the government maintains control over people. They place standards and give congrats to those who live up to them. This makes under wonder how do I become like them and achieve that level of recognization. Another, thing is some people fear punishment and going to jail. We hear about all the horrible things that happen in jail and the standard of living they receive. There are multiple news headlines that use negative connotation to make someone harshly judge who ever the suspect is. With these constant thought in the back of our minds, it makes it easier for us to be controlled. We don’t want to be viewed as wild or irrational, but as well-mannered. This is an aspect that pushes us towards acting “properly”.

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