Climatic Oppression

I believe that when climate change is specifically affecting one area or a specific group of people, then this claim could be made. In some areas, no matter how damaged the land is becoming or the lack of resources available for the people, companies continue to drain and use that area. Since they are not directly affected by it they will use all the resources and then move one to another area. The people that live there are now deprived of food, land, water, and sometimes even oxygen. People purposely draining certain areas and changing the patterns of the weather is a form of oppression. When trees are cleared, the oxygen level decreases. When fields bulldozed away or cement buildings are placed on top of them, you may have a drought because the atmospheric levels are changing. Climate change not only oppresses people, but it also the Earth. The world is only able to produce so much and although some may think the resources are unlimited this not true. One things are not given the proper chance to flourish into its full potential because of mass production. Two natural rots are losing there spaces and let’s just say a tree can’t grow through cement. The soil composition is better altered, the air is being poisoned with gas, and the water is being contaminated with trash. To the Earth I would see this as oppression because it’s not like the process couldn’t have been slowed or different methods couldn’t have taken place. People like to take the easy way out and make the most amount money possible. This shows because it is willing being done the world is facing the oppressive nature of humans. We can see the suffering and unbalance occurring in the world. This will continue on until it’s too late unless some changes are made.

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