LIFE is the Biggest Dystopia Ever!

A dystopia can be a real or fictional society that is not perfect in any aspect. I do not believe in the typical malice definitions bestowed upon us by the word, dystopia. Often times, we look at the word, utopia. People refer to this as a perfect ideal place that is not possible to achieve. I strongly doubt that a dystopia is the complete opposite in terms of everything being bad and full of misery. However, I think that a dystopia can be obtained. Nothing in a dystopian society is perfect.

Honestly, I believe a dystopia is the world we live in today in age. Yes, I think this planet– Earth, this continent, North America, this country, United States of America, and every single state in it is a dystopia of its own. This is something that has been achieved time and time again. We have wrong doers. We have people that steal. We have people that fail exams. Nothing is perfect in our society, but we try to keep up with having a just and humane society. Some people are here on Earth doing good deeds, while others cause havoc. Life as we know it is the biggest dystopia ever.

Things that contribute to our dystopian society are often found in books and movies. Have you all seen Money Heist? It is a greatly painted picture of a dystopia that they had to translate it into another language! Can you blame them? I can’t. Dystopias are all around us. We just have not taken the time to notice or truly depict the true meaning of it.

What do you think adds to a dystopian society? Does anything inhibit our Earth from fulfilling the dystopian role? Also, is a dystopia able to be something other than a place? These are questions skating through my mind.

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