Least Dystopian Government

The least dystopian type of government possible is a democracy. I believe in this because people of the country have a say so in a lot of things. The government is not just based off of one leader or a small group. If people were to disagree or fear these type of governments, there could be rebellion which is a bigger dystopia. With a democracy, people are able to have their voices heard. Although, every change is not based on what the people say, at least we have freedom of speech.

I know what everyone is thinking. Democracy can have chaos too. I totally believe this. Due to the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and so on, there are instances where there are riots or different types of rebellion when there is a big event going on in the United States such as in 2020. In Chicago, there were people setting buildings on fire and more, but this was people’s way of getting their points across. Things could be worse.

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