Is Higher Education a Dystopia?

Higher education, in other terms, college and up is a dystopia. Many people say college is scam. However, I think of college as a business. It is a horrible business but a business nonetheless. What makes it a dystopia from my experience is paying 40,000$ a year for education and still paying for books on top of that. Why are books not included in the fees? During the pandemic when labs were online, we still had to pay lab fees when we learned through simulations online. Half of my classes require learning many things on my own so what are we really paying for? I understand it is a business though, but it should not have to be this expensive to receive an education to make it through life. Some people go into debt and have to spend the rest of their lives paying it off. This does not make the most sense but it is the world we live in. After these four years of undergraduate, I have to spend another four years paying way more for medical school. If I do not go into debt from this, I know I will dealing with medical school. Another aspect of higher education that is considered a dystopia is paying to take entrance exams to go to graduate or health professional schools. This is crazy because everyone should have the opportunity to take it and it should not be money based.

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