Intellectual Property or Rental?

Often times, we hear songs being used all over different medias such as tiktok, YouTube, snapchat, instagram, and the list goes on. But, how many times are we able to count which posts are from the actual creator? I guess you can say people are renting haha. Seriously though, not cool! Creators work hard and often do not receive enough credit. This is a form of copyrighting which most websites try to remove once the algorithm figures out that the content does not truly belong to that account in which it was posted.

Now have you heard of older songs being reused in our generation today? Take for instance Musiq Soulchild’s “Half-crazy” and now Lucky Daye has “Over” which sounds very similar. However, there is a higher pitch and slightly faster frequency. Overall, both are great songs. Most importantly, there were not copyright issues.

After taking in the intellectual property video, I think my team and I are going to have to pay more attention to how we can use the content and abide by the correct guidelines. We will be forced to be more creative in how to use content and make sure to give credit where it is due. This is important because the content is how to help pull the audience in but that is how people get sued (in extreme cases lol) if they are not careful and have a successful use of the content they “rented”.

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