the least dystopian government

In Hobbes Leviathan, he is simply saying we are in constant state of chaos and conflict. We are always trying to one up somebody because resources aren’t equitable. A government is usually formed to help allocate resources, prevent chaos and conflict, and maintain order within a society.

From the list of the forms of governments, I think the best form of government to use would be a democracy because it literally translates to “rule of the people”. I believe it is the people who should dictate the way a country is ran for the most part. Also, the fact that democracy is sometimes referred to as “rule of the majority” is another reason I think a democracy is the best choice. For example, the presidential election in the US does not necessarily represent the majority. The ultimate result of the election doesn’t depend on the people, but on the electoral college. This isn’t fair because if a candidate wins the popular vote, it does not mean he/she has won the election.

The specific type of democracy I think would be least dystopian is a social democracy. Social democracies consist of elements form direct and representative democracies to form a participatory democracy. A participatory democracy is a form of government in which citizens participate individually and directly in political decisions and policies that affect their lives. This is the total opposite of how elections currently work in US so that’s why I think it would be a better option. Social democracies advocate for all citizens to be legally entitled to certain social rights such as education, health care, and public transportation, and I agree that this is how it should be.

Although one form of government is always going to better than another, just as one man is always going to better than other in some way according to Hobbes, no form of government will ever be able to create the perfect utopia because governmental authorities may always find a way to abuse their power. They usually tend to abuse it in a way that would benefit themselves.

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