is it worth giving up your privacy?

Jeremy Bentham was an English philosopher who strongly supported a utilitarianism government. He believed that if everybody or the majority of a society benefited from a law then it was a good law. Bentham came up with the idea of Panopticon. Panopticon is basically a prison where prisoners are being monitored by a guard, but the prisoners are unaware that they’re being monitored. Many thought Bentham’s concept was a great idea, but it was never actually put into place.

When it comes to privacy, I don’t think anything we do is actually private. I personally believe the government already has control over everything we do. Well not everything we do because in reality, we do what we want, but they do have the ability to control the things we see on our phones. They have access to everything we do. I have no proof that the government has access to the things we do, but the fact that every time me and my friends speak about something and then it magically pops up on my feed while scrolling is sketchy.

When I think of privacy, the first thing I think about is all the devices we use and all the social media apps we use. We all give up a lot of privacy when using these social media apps and don’t even know it sometimes. In the app’s terms and agreements, there’s usually something about everything you do on the app not actually being private. Most people tend to skip over the terms and agreement and just accept. I am one of those people.

I believe we have all surrendered a lot of privacy because most of the things we use are monitored by app moderators. For example, most of us have an iPhone or some sort of Apple product, and Apple is able to see everything you do on that device. The reward we receive for this is the right to use the app we want. We are also allowed to post anything we want to an extent.

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