Blog Post Week 12

One way in which panopticism has been embedded in our society is through the pervasive use of surveillance technologies such as CCTV cameras, facial recognition software, and other forms of monitoring and data collection. These technologies create a sense of constant observation and scrutiny, which can lead people to modify their behavior in accordance with social norms and expectations.

For example, knowing that they are being monitored, individuals may avoid engaging in certain behaviors that could be perceived as deviant or criminal, even if they have no intention of committing a crime. This self-regulation of behavior based on the perception of being watched is a key aspect of the panopticon system described by Foucault.

Furthermore, the use of surveillance technologies can also create a sense of anxiety and mistrust, as people become increasingly aware of the potential for their actions to be scrutinized and judged by others. This can have a chilling effect on free expression and can discourage dissent and non-conformity.

Overall, the pervasive use of surveillance technologies in our society is an example of how panopticism has been embedded in our daily lives, shaping our behavior and attitudes in subtle but profound ways.

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