Podcast Production

My group is doing the “The Handmaid Tale”. We have our script done and are thinking of what we want our background sound to be. Our book was so great that a show was created out of it. We plan on using one of the songs from there for our intro. Using the sound from the actual show does make me think about a copyright problem. I don’t know if using 10-15 seconds of a sound would still be considered copyright. We just feel like it would make so much sense to do use it. Other than that we don’t have any other ideas about what sounds we want to use.

Trying to pick and choose which sounds would go with our podcast is hard. It makes me give so much credit to the people who are in charge of the soundtrack for movies and shows. They have to find something that fits the moment and makes an impact. It kind of like when Grey’s Anatomy fans hear the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol. We know it’s going to be a sad moment.

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