Podcast Post production

Working on this podcast was an experience. It was a mix of fun and annoying. It was also weird for me because I was helping my friend with her podcast for her media class. The experiences were different. Working on the podcast with my friend was fun. There is a podcast room in Xavier South. It was cool to have a whole setup and script. It made me want to start my own or with my friend. We did struggle a bit with getting the word out because we were reading and had to restart a few times. In between, we added some banter and our opinions on our topic. Working with my group was also fun though. We got to come together and talk about different points of a book and how it related to the topic of our class. It was an experience that I thought I wouldn’t enjoy but that switched for me. In the end, I do with we added a little bit more banter in ours but I loved it for our first time.

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