Plant of the Apes

I feel as if the dystopia in the movie was for both the Apes and humans. They were treated like animals. They were seen as inferior and being used as test subjects. Places for them were switched. The humans had no power. They couldn’t talk, understand, write, or do anything but be fearful. The Humans were beaten, tied up, and kept in cages. The power was in the hands of the Apes and they had that power through force, just like humans do to animals today. This was similar to the five stages of oppression reading.

A specific dystopian element I noticed was that it was post apocalyptic. During the whole movie Taylor just wanted to get home. When he, Landon, and Greg landed they thought they landed in a different area. Only for Taylor to find out that the Apes blew up his world. He was riding his horse with Nova when he saw the statue of liberty. That made him realize what happened. He was in fact home. What was once human civilization now turned into Ape City and the Leader of all the apes knew that. The other Apes had no idea of this. They always feared humans and worried what would happen if they became powerful. The humans were at a disadvantage in a place they once ruled.

This movie was so interesting. The way the roles were reversed. It made me feel bad for animals because this is their life. This is really how we as humans treat them and now that the roles were reversed it wasn’t so great. It also made me think, was that the point of this movie. If this is a movie made in 68’ about how animals were being treated and the social hierarchy, imagine how the movie would be now. Things are only worse and there are so many new technologies. The people were in a situation they couldn’t control and couldn’t voice their opinions.

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