Janelle’s ideal society: Is it possible?

An utopia in my mind would be a place of equality where all people are free from judgment and stereotypes. There is no poverty or war. This ideal society would not be completely free from conflict because conflict is a part of life and can be beneficial for growth. However, these conflicts will be addressed civilly and equitably, because the common good would be more important than financial gain. My utopia would allow people to be who they are and be seen as separate individuals who are necessary for the whole. No one would be considered more important than others. Leaders would be chosen by the people and check and balances to prevent corruption or power hunger. The utopia would be free of the five faces of oppression. No one would be exploited, and everyone’s labor would be fair with a livable wage. Marginalization or confining a group of people to a lower social standing would not exist. Since there would be no hierarchies so there would be no powerlessness. All people would have a voice and can express themselves. Everyone will have the opportunity for gaining a greater understanding and consciousness of themselves and others through education, literacy, and self-reflection. Healthcare will be an unalienable right for all and not a privilege for those who can afford it. People do not have to be perfect and social support will be available. Punishment and violence would not lead our justice system. Social safety nets and rehabilitation will guide how safety is maintained. All people’s cultures, beliefs, genders, sexualities, life goals, etc will be respected. My utopia would be disability and neurodivergent accessible. This is my ideal society.

Many of these may only exist in a utopia, while I believe that some of these goals are possible in the world we live in today if we come together. Bits and pieces of these things have either exist or been discussed in real life such as universal healthcare, free education, and various social safety nets.

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