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Working in a group is comfortable for me because I enjoy being able to split the work up so that it’s easier for the team members to focus on their portion of the assignment entirely this way when everything comes together it would be organized well and the content will be even better. Everyone in my group had a very motivating attitude, which made our podcast not only more doable but also more enjoyable. It was interesting to work with people on such a new type of project, but because of our interest in the movie, it wasn’t bad for us. 

Using technology was interesting when it came to trying to record our audio for our podcast. We attempted to use an app initially, but it was a little too complex and ultimately we used voice memos on the MacBook. Editing our podcast and trying to make it realistic was also a little difficult because weren’t sure how to clip off certain parts of the audio and add them to another portion and other small skills like that. When it came to communicating with large audiences, we attempted to portray ourselves as real YouTubers that people had to subscribe to and this made it smoother for us to communicate with our audience because we all watch youtube videos and had a pretty good idea of how we should talk.

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