Is Ur-Fascism still here?

Ur-Fascism exists today, but I don’t think it is as severe as it once was. In the text, it states, “thinking is a form of emasculation,” which is simply saying that it was believed that if one had any prior thought when it comes to making decisions, they aren’t seen as masculine. This is what leads me to believe that ur-fascism is not as severe. However, something that stuck out to me was disagreement is treason. During Donald Trump’s presidency, I feel like a lot of his supporters threatened many that didn’t support him implying that if they didn’t, they would be betraying the country and would have to deal with consequences. 

This connects to what ur-fascism is said to be in the text because it implies that everyone should have one mind and all of the same beliefs. This also aligns with the first feature of ur-fascism, traditionalism because it is seen that traditionally, people just go with one thought instead of having their own. I think that ur-fascism is deeply ingrained in all of us because the foundation for us is filled with these ideologies. As a result, we were just taught to live with them so that life wouldn’t give us too much trouble.

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