Is Religion what we need?

I don’t think that religion is the answer to completely defeating dystopia because it would have to correct mostly all of the negative elements in a society and that’s not really likely. In the story, religion was able to help Ti Jean, however, the masses would have to heavily believe in their faith in order for religion to be strong enough to help most dystopian elements, but even then it couldn’t work alone. In the example about Catholic priests creating a theology so that they could battle the authoritarianism that dominated the society, most people believed this liberation theology heavily and felt that they were pushed by God to create a real change and battle this government. I think in order to completely get rid of dystopian elements in a society, leadership would have to change and people with different beliefs and values would have to be involved. Religion can definitely aid in making places better and less negative if the faith of individuals is very strong, if not, it can be hard for it to truly have an impact.

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