Is It Dystopian?

I think that the least dystopian government is definitely a democratic government, which is currently the type of government the United States has. Since this type of government is in place, the citizens are allowed to make their own decisions and are given small authority. Citizens are equally given the opportunity to help make decisions about certain laws through the representatives that they vote for. People that are voted for typically have values that align with the citizens and are able to represent them very well. 

However, although this type of government is least dystopian, it’s not necessarily utopian either. The people are able to be involved with most processes within the government, but not all people are actually considered when decisions are actually made. For example, when voting, some believe that the votes of African Americans are sometimes thrown out and not really counted and their voices are unknowingly being disregarded. However, there are governments that are worse such as totalitarian governments. Countries that have this type of government have to conform to the overall beliefs of those in power or they face consequences. So, although a democratic government isn’t utopian, it’s still quite far from dystopian because citizens are still given their individuality.

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