Intellectual Property Activities

My team is adhering to the IP laws including copyright as well as fair use and will continue to do so. Through the IP activities, I learned the true importance of not only not just copying someone’s material, but also making sure I do extensive research to ensure that I’m giving the credit to all original creators. Our team planend to possibly use audio clips or refer to articles that will be able to support our points when discussing the movie in our podcast.  Our movie, “Coraline,” there are plenty of sources that would be useful to discuss in our podcast because the movie manages to use its dystopian elements to send a message to viewers. 

I think it’s important to research what material falls under the fair use category so that we can ensure that we are protected when doing our podcast. Through the activities for intellecutal property, I learned that it’s very easy to mistake material to be under fair use and it actual isn’t and people have been sued. Overall, through finishing out drafts and moving to our final script, we will be paying close attention and making sure nothing is being violated. 

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