Educational Dystopia

I do think that higher education in America can be described as a dystopia because without it most people aren’t able to get high paying jobs because systems are designed to accept people with degrees. However, some people can’t afford college and have to basically be faulted for it. This ultimately continues to create the separation between rich and poor. Those that are poor are set up to stay that way essentially since they aren’t able to get the degree to become ‘rich.’ Additionally, those that take out loans to pay for their four years or even more spend plenty of years, if not the rest of their lives, paying those loans back and jobs aren’t even guaranteed for them either. The higher education system is one that people really can’t beat because even if people decide to get a Bachelor’s degree, higher paying jobs now prefer a master’s degree, which makes it even more difficult for people to obtain a job. 

Outside of the costs that are associated with getting any degree, students in the learning environment often struggle with mental health issues. While in school, some professors overwork students to the point where they can’t even have a little free time to enjoy things they like to do. Students can be so happy and sluggish throughout the years trying to finish getting their degree and it shouldn’t be that way. Of course school will be challenging, but it’s important to offer people a balance so that they actually feel that getting their degree is worth it in the end, instead of being so unhappy during the process and not wanting to finish. 

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