Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here

My comfort working in a group has developed as the semester has progressed. I took XU Leads this semester and initially, I didn’t see the point, but throughout the course of the semester, I have become more comfortable and aware of how I lead and how I want to lead. Previously, I was more reserved and go with the flow but since becoming aware of this I have been more comfortable putting my input into a group. My group made it easy to communicate because they were open-minded. I think it just took me some time to feel comfortable talking to them.
I am pretty comfortable with using technology to communicate with large audiences. This semester I have become more experienced with platforms such as iMovie and GarageBand. I am still most comfortable with PowerPoint presentations. I have been working with them my entire life so I feel as if I know the ins and outs of it. I can be my most creative self when it comes to slideshow presentations.

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