Me + Group Work

I am pretty comfortable with working in a group but prefer to work alone. Working in groups can be unpredictable which causes some concern. I feel as if I am very independent and strategic with most things that I do and it could be a bit more difficult to do this with a group. Despite these possible interferences, I have been a part of team sports my entire life and can maneuver through it. I also feel as if I understand the balance that occurs in groups. I am able to recognize when I need to stand up and be a leader or fall back and follow the directions of others.

When it comes to using technology to communicate with large audiences, I feel as if I have a pretty As background. I am most comfortable with platforms such as Canva, Google Slides, and PowerPoint. I have been using PowerPoint since elementary school and am most familiar with it. I have also used platforms where I had to record myself with the PowerPoint in the background. I have also used iMovie a few times. I am pretty creative when it comes to presentations and am always open to new ideas and platforms.

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