Oppresed by Climate Change

I never really thought of climate change as a form of oppression before. I would think it is more likely to profit off o people suffering from a natural disaster than using climate change to oppress them. I mean if someone really wanted to then they could definitely figure out a way to make money from people in a natural disaster. Though, climate change usually affects everyone so I initially thought that it was not a kind of oppression. However, after thinking about it for a bit I think climate change could be used in that way. As previously said, climate change affects everyone though some people have more of an advantage than others. For example, a rich person would most likely have access to food and clean water compared to someone living in poverty. They would also most likely be able to afford another place to live if a hurricane or tornado destroyed their house and land compared to someone who is less fortunate. This reminds me of a game where the protagonists are quarantined inside their apartment complex because of a dangerous parasite that has infected the water. Towards the end of the game, you realize that the parasite was a hoax and the people living in the apartment complex were being harvested for their organs. The blood types of the residents were listed on the apartment doors and the ones with desirable blood types were being treated better than the ones with undesirable blood types. The ones with desirable blood types would be able to request extra food or entertainment like books, movies, and music. I don’t know if diseases and parasites are part of climate change but if it is then I think this game is a good example of climate change being used to oppress people.  

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