Pre Production

Throughout the course of my educational career, I have had to work in many groups for projects and presentations. Working in groups is not my favorite thing to do, but I don’t mind doing so because it makes some tasks easier to complete. I m very comfortable working in groups as well as taking the lead to work alone when need be possible. Although I often do work in in groups, I prefer to work alone in many cases because I prefer to not have to depend on anyone other than myself because I know that I can be seen as a person who often takes over. Overall, group work is not my forte, but I do not mind working in them when the task is placed upon me.

I am very well rounded when it comes to using technology to reach large audiences. Whether it’s through the platform of social media, YouTube, or Apple Music, I am very well rounded communicating with big groups. I also used to be a You-tuber, so I am experienced in speaking to a large online platform of people that I don’t know personally. I also use the platforms of canvas and powerpoint to communicate in professional educational settings to reach large platforms. I would like to reach audiences through podcast which I know is a learning objective of this course. In conclusion, working with technology is no problem for me.

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