Post podcast

Working on the podcast was a unique experience because I have never done anything like that before. After having to work with my group the entire semester, I begin to warm up and get more comfortable completing task with them. My experience and comfortability grew as time progressed and I enjoyed working with them more as the time progressed. Personally, I felt that I grew as a leader throughout the course of this project because I learned how to take a step back and allow others the chance to lead instead of always taking over. Overall, working with the consistent group over the semester was great in the growth of myself and others.

I learned how to work with various different systems of technology to gain an understanding for reaching large audiences. Aside from YouTube and other forms of social media, I l news how to utilize Zencastr, IMovie, and different aspects of Zoom that I did not know existed. Overall through the course of this semester and project I learned how to do many cool things with technology as a means of reaching others.

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