To Be or Not To Be: Dystopian Government

I believe that the type of government we have now, is the least dystopian type of government, although it is not a completely utopian type of government. The Democratic Republic type of government allows people to voice their own opinions and make their own choices. The decisions of the government that affect legislation and the people are not the responsibility of just one person. There are different entities (the 3 branches) in place to handle the different components of government to ensure that one person does not have complete control. The citizens have the opportunity to utilize their voices to vote on different types of legislation, leaders on a local level and national level.

Though the Democratic Republic style of government does have some limitations on what it provides that could make it more of a utopia, such as limited access to healthcare and laws against abortion, it is not one of the worst types of government. I would say the worst type would be a dictatorship as the citizens have absolutely no power and cannot disagree with their dictator. THis type of government to me has the most dystopian elements.The democratic republic government could be better with how they advocate for their citizens, yet it is not the most dystopian.

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