Podcast Pre-Production

Oftentimes I avoid group assignments. I like to work alone on most assignments because I like to complete assignments ahead of time. I do not like to wait around as it can be anxiety-inducing waiting on others to complete their part of the assignment. However, I do know how to work well within a group. I am a team player and a very organized person, so I always end up planning the bulk of group assignments. I do the best of my abilities on my parts of assignments and I communicate effectively when I feel like I do not understand something. 

I have never really used technology to communicate with large audiences unless we are talking about social media. Even then, I am still a very private person. I am not a very tech savvy person. Therefore, this will be new to me. I really do not like public speaking and I write my thoughts out better than I say them. Therefore, this will be a challenge that I am open to experiencing.

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