Is the Government a Repressor?

In a sense, the government is a repressor to human nature. Though the government has been put in place to create a sense of structure and order, there are certain factors of the government that can be seen as repressing human nature. The government is supposed to form a “more perfect union,” yet some of the laws put in place create division and do not allow people to freely express themselves and their ideas. We have seen this in the past when it comes to laws that are against gay marriage or present day as we are now seeing laws that affect a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own body. In these cases we have seen that laws created to protect an individual’s rights and promote justice, do the exact opposite. The government creates laws that can be seen as unjust, which validates Freud’s opinion about the government limiting individuality as well as freedom. 

When discussing the repressive nature of the government to human nature, we must also discuss how the government does play a role in the protection of people. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of the government is to protect and make the world a little better than it was before. Therefore, some of the laws and regulations that are created by the government can make a difference in the protection of people. Certain laws are created to place limitations on actions that lead to greater actions that do not benefit the well-being of another or a society. Without these types of laws from the government, there would be no way to actually imagine how the world would be. In a sense, you could say it would be an actual dystopian society without the repressive nature of the government. 

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