Dystopian Education

I believe that the American higher education system is dystopian. I mainly think this because everything is a hassle to want to seek higher education. From the application fees, essays, and interviews just to get accepted into an institution seems dystopian to me. Speaking specifically for Xavier, I believe that most people at this school are highly unhappy with the workload and experience that comes with attending this school. Oftentimes, we notice that needs for students are not being met and this creates unhappiness with administration who has the power to ensure that those needs are met yet choose not to do so. 

It can also be considered to be dystopian because exams determine the fate of one’s education. Some people may not be good test-takers, yet that does not matter in the higher education system as the main way to assess one’s learning is administering exams. This can affect one’s future negatively if they excel in every other aspect but test scores are the only ways to assess their ability as a student. Therefore, I feel it is dystopian as it disadvantages a student.

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