Is Socialism that bad America?

I think that the form of government that would be considered least dystopian is Socialism. A dystopian society is characterized by control of the people, censorship, surveillance, and a fear of the outside world. Socialism is almost the opposite. Socialist governments ensure that each human is given access to basic goods, even if they can’t contribute to society. This reduces poverty and reduces crime.
Each person has a right to healthcare and education, leading to less death by disease and reducing wage gaps. Socialist society has no room for discrimination, caste, or social hierarchies. This reduces violence, hate crimes, systematic oppression, and blatant racism in most spaces. In a Dystopian society, there is little regard to nature and the Earth. Socialism prioritizes the conservation of natural resources. Socialism allows for the creation of a country where each individual is free to reach their full potential rather than reach a certain wealth level or status. Although it is not perfect, as people will have a lack of competition and free market production, I believe this is the closest thing to a modern Utopia.

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